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[updated 6th August 2019]

We have a large catchment area and attract players from Perth and the surrounding areas. Should you wish to become a member you can contact us by e-mail, by letter or by just coming along on a practice night and talking to us. If you know someone who might be interested in joining our orchestra, we would like to hear from them too.

Our weekly practice sessions begin again on Wednesday 11th September [OPEN EVENING] 2019 in the Ex-Servicemen's Club, The session lasts from 7pm to 9pm. We stop at the end of April for the summer. A warm welcome awaits. 

We can accommodate all fiddlers and accordion players. At present we have a pianist, double bass players and a mandolin player. Obviously there are limited spaces for these but please feel free to make inquiries. Also if you play any other instrument this would be considered by the conductor e.g. whistle, flute, clarinet, guitar. We have members of all ages. Although there is no audition, it is preferable that prospective members are able to read music to make the experience more enjoyable. Music is provided but bring your own stand. Should you be apprehensive, as most of us were at first, or have not played for some time why not come along and listen in or bring your instrument and have a go. Bring a friend if you feel more comfortable with that. We are there to play and enjoy the music. Members often learn more through their own enthusiastic approach. We are all amateurs but we do try to be as professional as possible without spoiling the enjoyment of the music.

Prospective members have the opportunity to come along for a few weeks prior to any commitment being made to the Society. If you decide to join us, an affordable membership fee is requested. This goes towards the cost of our practice venue and to providing the music etc. Young people in education do not pay a subscription.

We advise that all possible members join early in the season [September] to get the full benefit of membership but you may join later if you wish. This is not an expensive pastime as there are no weekly payments. It is hoped that members attend practices on a regular basis as far as possible to maximise the quality of sound for the group. We have a summer break usually from May to September but may perform at this time if requested.Our two main  concerts are in November and April. If you need more information please feel free to contact us through the contact pages on this website.

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